Integration Therapy for Psychedelics or Entheogens


The use of entheogens, plant medicines, psychedelics, and altered states of consciousness can be powerful and life altering.  Many people come to the use of medicines such as MDMA, ayahuasca, ketamine, psilocybin, and LSD in order to work through their greatest traumas and wounds.  Some people also seek these medicines to pursue a spiritual awakening, self-awareness, and guidance.  Often in a journey, there is a sense of clarity about spiritual and emotional truths that can no longer be ignored.  There can also be a profound level of processing around traumatic material.  It can be a lot to integrate this into your life.  Sometimes we realize things that are frightening to acknowledge, because it means such a drastic life change.  Or there may be a feeling of openness and spiritual groundedness that will require significant practice in order to bring that experience into more aspects of your life.  There may be things you saw or learned that will take time to adjust to, or to fully understand the meaning of.  Often times these medicines are taken in a ceremonial space, though the journey doesn't stop when ceremony ends.  In a sense, that is just the beginning.  One of the most important parts of these experiences is how you integrate them back into your life.  Everyday is a ceremony and an opportunity to live out your truest self.   I offer therapeutic support in integrating the healing these medicines have offered you.  

Integration Therapy for Psychedelics & Entheogens in the Bay Area

It could be that your psychedelic experience happened in the distant past, but that you are seeking a safe place to make meaning of it.  Many people engage with psychedelics in ways that seem "recreational" and only seek out a space to start integrating the significance of those experiences years later.  If that is your path, I welcome you to contact me about doing this work.  

I do not provide experiences with any of these medicines.  I offer integration therapy before and after your journey, for people who have independently sought out the use of these medicines.

I also host a podcast series called Inside Eyes, about people who are using entheogens and psychedelics to heal sexual trauma. Click here to listen & learn more. Click here to learn more about current research on psychedelics.  



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