Healing Sexual Trauma with Psychedelics & Entheogens:

Seeking Participants for an Audio Series


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I am making a short audio series (about 15 episodes) called Inside Eyes. I am interviewing people who have used psychedelics or entheogens in healing from sexual trauma. I am seeking a few more participants and particularly welcome people of color and/or people who identify as trans, nonbinary, or as cis men. I first became interested in creating this audio series because I see sexual assault/abuse as an assault on the spirit, and thus sexual trauma as a spiritual wound. Many people turn to entheogens and psychedelics as an option to heal on a spiritual level and that is why I am particularly interested in interviewing sexual trauma survivors about their experiences using entheogens and psychedelics.    

The goal of the project is to offer inspiration and knowledge to others. In the interviews there is no pressure to be performative, to be entertaining, or to non-consensually share any part of one's story. This is obviously a vulnerable thing to do and questions are welcomed, with no commitment to participating. 

You can participate without having your voice recorded (I will have someone else read a written version of your interview), you can choose to remain anonymous, and you can choose to have your voice altered/disguised, if you prefer. You can also be interviewed with your identity known.

If you are interested in participating or learning more, please fill out the contact form below. 

Alternately, if you aren’t interested in participating, but want to tell me about questions or topics you hope I will cover in the interviews, let me know! I would love to hear from you and get a sense of what you are hoping to learn about from these interviews!

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Laura Northrup, LMFT // (510) 229-4429 // 445 Bellevue Avenue, Oakland, CA